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Experiencing water or sewer infrastructure problems?

LDL is a leading UK-based installer of CIPP liners, pressure liners for sewer rising mains, infiltration control, and geopolymer mortar for structural manhole and chamber rehabilitation. Our Services team can assess and propose a proven trenchless rehabilitation method to restore your pipes, manholes and infrastructure to like new condition … without the need for digging!


Robotic Cutting and Cleaning

LDL service teams are certified and trained on the Schwalm Robotic system to clean and remove debris from clogged drain lines. Equipped with the powerful and precise Schwalm robot, and its accessories that include cutting and grinding heads, chisels, and the amazing AccuPower® ultra-high pressure jetting system, pipes are quickly and efficiently cleaned and prepped for relining and repair.

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A proven method of repairing leaking, corroded and/or offset sewer drains is a process called Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining.

Considered the most proven of all trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods, CIPP lining is well-suited for both rising mains and gravity pipes.

The LDL team employs a process by which a resin impregnated liner (or sleeve) is inserted into the damaged host pipe. Once expanded and cured, the CIPP liner functions as a new “pipe-within-a-pipe”.

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A persistent problem throughout the UK are aging and deteriorated manholes, and other sewer infrastructure. When this happens, infiltration becomes a problem and further taxes the entire system. LDL provides manhole rehabilitation services using WRc-approved GeoKrete® geopolymer to fully restore manholes to their original operating condition, without the need for digging.

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Pipe Bursting

LDL installation crews also perform pipe bursting, where the damaged host pipe is burst and moved out of the way to make room for a new HDPE pipe that is attached to the bursting tool. Typical installations are from 200 – 600mm in range.

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If only a small section of pipe is damaged, LDL service and installation crews are fully trained and equipped with pipe repair kits designed to patch or line short sections of the effected pipe. These point repairs work on the same principle as the total pipe CIPP lining system. The biggest difference is that a point repair sleeve can be “pushed” to the damaged section of the pipe. Once the sleeve is in place over the damaged section of the drain, it is inflated to a set pressure while the sleeve cures in place.

Suitable applications:

  • Cracked or fractured pipes
  • Pipes leaking at specific points or connections
  • Bridging and sealing open or displaced joints
  • Transitions in pipe diameter
  • Pipe repairs can be carried out in varying sizes ranging from 100 –1200mm.
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Pipe re-rounding and relining is the process of mechanically re-rounding pitch fibre pipe with a mandrel, and then relining it with CIPP. Over the years, LDL has perfected this technology and method, which has saved its customers from having to replace the pipe. If you are experiencing problems with previously installed pitch fibre pipe, contact us through the enquiry form below. Our process works in pipe diameters ranging from 100 – 150mm, mostly lateral sewers from the house to the main.


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